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Friday, March 25, 2022

Best strategy to crack competitive exams

Hyderabad: As youth in Telangana have set on a journey to crack competitive exams like Groups, Police, Teachers recruitment and many other jobs announced by the State government, here’s the best strategy to be followed by the job aspirants in order to crack their dream job.

Planning and Preparation
One should be clear with their goal and the job they want to land in, this would help in focusing on a particular exam. Appearing in many exams and preparing for all kinds of jobs would be troublesome as aspirants will get distracted with multiple strategies and a huge syllabus. Firstly, be clear with syllabus, material and content. There are many books, study material available in the market, huge content is also available on online platforms, reading topics that are irrelevant is just a waste of time and there is a high chance of getting confused and losing precious time before the exam. Thus, choose material wisely. Smart preparation is the only way that will lead to success. One should be thorough with syllabus and study material.

Division of time
Cater your time equally to all subjects and topics of a particular exam. Take an analysis of the concepts in which you hold a grip and in which you are weak. Start with the subjects or papers that you feel are tough and prepare for them in advance. Read all important topics and improve your subject knowledge. It is also important to revise the subejects thoroughly. Do revise on a daily basis, weekly, bi-monthly to avoid forgetting, this will make you more confident. Moreover, practice old papers to improve your performance; give mock tests and also practice old papers, this will help in identifying mistakes that you can skip during the main exam. It will also boost your confidence levels during preparation.

Be focused all the time till you achieve the goal. Any kind of distraction is nothing more than a disaster. If you can, avoid using social media apps till the exam.

You may also go through stress during preparation. Take some motivation tips from experts. Take small breaks while reading for long hours, have good food and sleep, and do small exercises. Also, it is better to understand that coaching is not required for all the candidates, especially those who can manage self preparation. Aspirants who feel coaching is necessary and do not hold grip on some papers and subjects can opt for it. Coaching programmes can help in finding easier ways of preparation and improve subject knowledge shared by experts.

Group study
Make a small group of aspirants with whom you can prepare for an exam. This will help in revision, clearing doubts and focus on studies. Also, find out the common subjects for most of the exams like – General Studies, Arithmetic and Reasoning, English language, Economics and Telangana History. Cater equal time for all the subjects and give more time to those which hold good weightage. Moreover. if you ace General Studies then you can crack any exam. There is no limit to the syllabus for the General Awareness and Current affairs section. Some of the common fields from which questions may be picked for this section are General Knowledge/ Static GK, Daily News, History & Geography and Politics. Mostly the questions framed are based on any recent event of importance across the world. Current affairs for around six months prior to the exam are also equally important.